The concept of Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imagers collect a stack of monochromatic images spanning the entire palette of colors (wavelengths) of the rainbow including both the visible and the invisible (UV, NIR) spectral bands.

Each pixel in the stack (spectral cube), therefore, represents the spectrum of the scene at that point. The collected millions of spectra provide diagnostic information for the compositional status of every point of an object with a single scan

The methodology is aimed at providing a comprehensive spectral analysis of complex heterogeneous samples.

Comparison with trichromatic imaging/vision

Color cameras emulate human trichromatic vision. They capture color images composed by only three broad-band images.

Color images are suitable for documentation; they miss, however, significant analytical/diagnostic information, since the remitted light is sub-sampled into those three, broad spectral bands.

The color of a pixel is made up by the mixing the thee Red Green Blue (RGB) primary colors (color coordinates).

The evolution of Hyperspectral Imaging

The QCELL’s Technology Superiority: Introducing the 5MP video spectral imaging.