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Q Cell first invented and launched to global markets the Spectral Vision concept, a game changing technology impacting all aspects of imaging and spectroscopy. 

The company has developed the technology into a robust, portable camera unit that can produce real-time spectral information at HD resolution. Q Cell is exploiting the unique capabilities of this major innovation in several market segments, with a particular emphasis in medical diagnostics and agricultural applications.

Q Cell’s medical division markets advanced Dermoscopes, Endoscopes and Clinical Microscopes. These devices can display side-by-side crisp, high definition colour AND spectral images and maps. Spectral maps probe invisible structure and biochemical markers in normal and pathologic conditions.      

Q Cell’s Spectral View Scopes introduce the new concept of “spectral phenotype”, exposing the localisation of novel, in vivo optical biopsy biomarkers, empowering clinical diagnosis and non-destructive analysis of complex samples. 

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