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QCELL’s proprietary Spectral Vision technology changes the way we see the world. Live, multi-channel imaging, spanning both the visible and the non-visible portions of the spectrum, reveals the secretes of nature. 

Spectral Vision is a bio-inspired technology from animals like Mantis shrimps, which have 12 different types of photoreceptors. Mantis shrimps can see hues that humans, with just 3 channels, cannot see. 

Q Cell technology combines Spectral Artificial Vision with machine learning and other computational methods to gather unparalleled analytical power in a live stream or information. With the help of our instruments we can see better and more! Hidden information is revealed with the multichannel vision, spanning both the visible and the invisible portions of the spectrum.      

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Q Cell’s Spectral View Camera

Our camera offers dozens of spectral channels and acquires a stack of spectral images instantly and at video rates. The information contained in the so-called spectral cube is equivalent to several millions of spectra, each corresponding to a different spatial point. The spectral cube’s spectra are processed in parallel and are classified into spectral groups on the basis of similarity criteria. The spectral classes identified are colour-coded to make up a spectral map, depicting comprehensively the spectral profile content of the imaged field.  

Application development involves the comparison spectral profiles corresponding to both target and reference samples (golden standards) to establish a correlation formula converting the spectral map to either a pathology map and/or a chemical identity map. 

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