Spectral Vision Camera Systems

Color cameras have dominated our world. They have made to emulate human vision, where a three-channel sensor generates the primary color basis for synthesizing the perceived hues. Imagine how the world would look like with a multichannel vision, extended to invisible bands of the spectrum. You would be able to see the chemistry behind the colors and to become instantly informed about early signs of disease, about the food’s quality, etc. Pushing the limits of what is possible in imaging science, QCELL made this happen! Proprietary technologies, involving video-rate spectral imaging electro-optics and machine learning-AI, made live spectral vision possible. Live spectral imaging and mapping allows for handheld operation of such a sophisticated technology, which sets no limits to the addressable applications. If the in situ, non-destructive/invasive real-time testing is your profession, then QCELL has the right product for you.

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Q Cell has worked in partnership with academic institutions, key opinion leaders and SMEs to bring Spectral Vision from the R&D lab to routine analysis for the benefit of society.

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